About Us

What we do

We work closely with you to identify your needs, wants and objectives. We believe it’s important for us to work together in agreeing what a great job looks like and that beginning with the ‘end in mind’ is the best place for us to start.

The majority of our solutions include a blend of:

Training – Coaching – Mentoring – Consultancy

We also have a team of workplace mediators and Insights Discovery® plays a large part in underpinning what we do.

Our People Audit

This is special. It’s about uncovering your peoples’ relationship with your business; are they engaged, proud of working for you and proud for the products or services they provide to your customers? Do they have the skills, knowledge, behaviours  and support they need to deliver service excellence to those customers? Using a multi-faceted approach we get straight to the heart of what’s happening and report back to you.  It’s a no-nonsense approach and it will expose the things that you are great at and those that need some work. If you really want to know what’s going on, this is the place to start.

Our Approach


insights-discovery-logoWe have learnt that in order for any kind of development activity to be successful then the first step is to engage with people. And they must stay engaged. Whatever material we use or approach we take, it is chosen with this in mind. We adapt everything we do to ensure that you and your team experience bespoke learning at its best. We ensure there is a mix of experiential activities, theory, time for reflection and real focus on implementing learning in the workplace. We follow this simple process that ensures you are able to track the return on your investment. We keep things uncomplicated because we know that is important to you.


Whether we are going to be working with you on a one off project or if we become your ‘in-house’ learning and development team you can be assured that you will receive a quality of service that seeks to impress you.


To enquire about our training, personal development and mediation please call us on: 01284 365166 or email Sally Prentis