Why Mediate?

Because mediation works. Conflict in the workplace costs a huge amount of time, resource and energy. According to the CBI, conflict in the workplace costs UK businesses around £33 billion pounds per year, more than 370 million working days are lost and 20% of leadership time is taken up in dealing with conflict situations. Organisations using mediation report that it is both an effective and speedy solution.

Viridian Mediators

Our mediators are all fully trained in the use of The FAIR Mediation ModelTM and hold Certificates in Workplace Mediation from OCN. They are also all experienced coaches who are fully skilled in creating the perfect environment that enables parties to deal with the conflict in a constructive, professional and positive way.

FAIR MediationTM

The FAIR MediationTM process is in use in organisations throughout the UK and has now been adopted by the United Nations as their preferred mediation model.   Far from being an opportunity for a cosy chat to talk things over, the process, expertly driven by our mediators, enables the parties in dispute to voice their concerns and to be clear about their needs in reaching a resolution. It is the parties and NOT the mediator who create a written and signed agreement, they are also responsible for what happens next.


To enquire about our Mediation service please call us on: 01284 365166 or email Sally Prentis