Insights Discovery




Insights Discovery® uses a simple and accessible four colour model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. These preferences are measured based on responses to a short online evaluator from which a-20 page personality profile is produced. This personal profile is a unique and transformational tool.

Insights Discovery® has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. It is continually validated and refined by the Insights’ research team to ensure it is always accurate and deeply insightful.

How we work with Insights Discovery®

The Insights Discovery model proves invaluable in all sorts of situations; helping people to understand and appreciate the dynamics of personalities, whether it be in a one-to-one coaching scenario or if we are working with a team of leaders to build their team and plan for the future. Once this simple to understand yet highly effective model is understood its application is almost limitless.

In Summary

  • Everyone is unique and so is their Insights Discovery Personal Profile®
  • Simple, memorable colour system that sticks!
  • Positive, supportive language promotes an ‘I’m ok, you’re ok’ perspective
  • Continually validated for accuracy
  • Assists individuals in gaining an understanding of their style and how this impacts on others
  • Enables people to develop their interpersonal skills, improving team performance and creating a more positive, productive cultural environment
  • Being easy to understand and recall makes long-term application and change far more likely



To enquire about Insights Discovery® please call us on: 01284 365166 or email Sally Prentis